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Baby's Feet


It is not uncommon for babies and toddlers who have been taught to be great sleepers to ‘test the boundaries’ from time to time. This option is for parents who have met with me in the past, but are looking for a ‘Refresher’.


This is also a popular option for past clients who have recently had a new baby, or who are expecting in the near future. It consists of: 


A 60 minute consultation, by Zoom or over the phone, during which we’ll discuss any particular challenges you are having with your child. Since we’ve already worked together, a full hour is usually more than enough time to cover all of your questions and concerns.


2 x follow-up emails that you can use for any additional questions that might come up as you get things back on track. I always aim to reply to emails within one working day.

The total cost for The Refresher Package for a baby or toddler in a cot is £175.

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