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Before having our first son, one of my main fears was how I would cope with broken sleep and unsettled nights. In preparation I read books dedicated to sleep and baby routines, listened to podcasts and immersed myself in all things baby sleep. We tried our best in those early days but found that all the conflicting advice confused things further, resulting in us seeking the help of a Sleep Consultant. We wanted to do it once and do it right. After just 2 weeks working with a Consultant, our son fell beautifully into a routine and was sleeping 12 hours a night; she quite literally changed our lives! 


Having had such an impact on my whole family's quality of life and realising there is a huge void in teaching new parents about infant sleep, I decided to leave my hectic job as a freelance event producer and train to become a Certified Sleep Consultant. I want to help people in the way I was helped through those blurred weeks with an unsettled and overtired tiny person!


As a fully certified ‘Baby Sleep the Night’ Consultant, I am part of the UK’s largest professional body of sleep experts, and feel so passionately about good sleep habits for the whole family. 

Whether your tiny person is waking multiple times a night, won’t nap, will only nap in the buggy, will only sleep after being fed or is using you as a human dummy, I can help you! With a non judgemental and calm approach to tackle any of your sleep needs. 

I look forward to supporting and guiding you on your journey to good sleep - let's do it once, and do it right, together!


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