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Tiny Sleepy People - Newborn Guide

Tiny Sleepy People - Newborn Guide

A step by step guide to help your newborn sleep well from day one!


I am super excited to announce the launch of my new E-BOOK!!

‘Get it right from the start’
... A step by step guide to help your newborn sleep well from day one.


If you’re a new or expecting parent, I know you don’t have the time or the energy to sift through yet another ‘how-to’ book. That’s why I've put all the most important information in one easy to find place to help your navigate life with a newborn.

The fourth trimester is such a special time, but it can also come with worries, conflicting advice and exhaustion. My Newborn Guide sets you up for the best possible start from the moment your tiny person arrives, and will arm you with practical advice, guidance and experience from a mumma of 3 and expert sleep coach.

My Newborn Guide of 30 plus pages, will help you to ...

✨understand the science behind sleep, including wake windows, sleepy cues, how to avoid over-tiredness, day & night confusion and more!

✨ feel confident when it comes to your tiny persons routine, and help navigate timings of the day, how to master full feeds and begin to establish a rhythm and flow to your day. 

✨ lay the foundations of healthy sleep habits from day one, leading to longer stretches of sleep both day and night.

✨ how to begin bed and nap-time routines, create the perfect sleeping environment for your tiny persons and teach them that their sleep space is a safe and happy place to be.

✨ begin to introduce positive sleep associations from day one.

✨ PLUS a BONUS section of 5 chapters including everything to need to know about …

💤 Developmental leaps
💤 Nap transitions
💤 Removing the swaddle
💤 Sleep needs by age
💤 Managing colds and vaccinations
… and MORE!

This guide is for you if you are ...

🌟 Pregnant and want to be best prepared from the get go for when your tiny person arrives.
🌟 Have a newborn who is under 4 months and are struggling with sleep and finding your days and nights difficult to navigate.
🌟 Are a family member or friend who wants to give new parents or parents to be the gift of sleep and practical guidance - a fantastic baby shower or prenatal gift for a loved one! 


Within the guide, there is also a discount that you can use towards any of my 1:1 tailor Sleep Packages, should you need any further help and support. 


I hope you find my Newborn Guide helpful and it gives you the confidence and reassurance you need from the get go! 


Lucy x🌙 x

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